• Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Use of Personal Data

ITOCHU LOGISTICS Corp. (hereinafter "the company") complies with all applicable laws regarding the handling of personal data. Data received through the inquiry form or provided via e-mail will be handled as outlined below.

Acquisition of Personal Information

The company will endeavor to make clear its purpose when acquiring any personal information, and will collect only such details as are required for the purpose specified.

Use of Personal Information

The company will use personal information only for the purpose specified. In the event that the need arises to use that information in any other way, except where expressly permitted by law, the company shall seek the user's permission in advance of such use.

Handling of Personal Information

The company shall appoint a person in charge of handling personal information received from users, and shall take all appropriate and reasonable measures to insure against the loss, destruction or unauthorized release of this information.

Release of Information to Third Parties

In accordance with applicable laws, the company shall not provide or reveal the personal information acquired from the user to any third party without a valid reason. However, where the company has received the user's consent to use said personal information for a specific purpose, the company may, upon ensuring strict protection of the user's privacy, share the user's personal information with a third party or the company's agent for the purpose to which the user has consented.

Confirmation or Change of Personal Information

Should the user wish to confirm, change or delete the personal information that the company has acquired from the user, the company will take all reasonable measures to comply with such requests. Such requests can be made to the following:
Human Resources & General Administration Dept.

Security Measures

For the user's protection, the inquiry form on the company's website is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. SSL technology allows the data entered by the user to be encrypted on the user's computer prior to being sent to the company.