Our Approach

How Does ITOCHU LOGISTICS Define Logistics Services?

We understand that for any 100 companies, there are 100 possible logistics strategies. In every imaginable logistics situation, whether domestically or internationally, we strive to offer services that meet the needs of each individual client organization.

We Offer Total Solutions to Our Clients' Logistics Challenges

At ITOCHU LOGISTICS we are professionals in land, sea and air shipping, and also in warehousing. That is why, beyond merely "shipping" or "storage" services, we can provide total strategic "Logistics Management" solutions that encompass our clients' entire distribution chain.

Logistics in an Increasingly Borderless World

As more and more companies seek to exploit global business opportunities, logistics is quickly becoming a borderless game. ITOCHU LOGISTICS can support your borderless enterprise with our extensive and proven network of facilities worldwide. In particular, ITOCHU LOGISTICS has put extensive resources into our operations in China from a very early stage.

Dedicated to Making You Glad to have ITOCHU LOGISTICS as your Partner

An extensive network, well appointed warehousing, the latest information technology systems...all are essential parts of the infrastructure for solving logistics challenges. But even more important is having a partner who can see your business from your perspective and deploy that infrastructure effectively. At ITOCHU LOGISTICS, every one of our employees is dedicated to helping you solve your strategic logistics issues as a trusted partner.