Moving and Relocation

We provide the best plan for office relocation, layout change, international moving according to customer's needs

As various changes are occurring in the environment, such as personnel, operational structures, and facilities, we utilize our Japanese and international networks and group company functions to provide "more than 2,000 domestic and international moving services per year" for businesses and their employees, and "more than 100 office relocations and facility renovations per year for large and small businesses".
We also provide "office/household contents storage (storage room)" and "administrative work support" associated with each of our operations, offering a total moving and relocation-related service.
In addition, we have acquired the "Privacy Mark" for handling personal and confidential documents and the "ISO9001" for operations, ensuring safe and smooth business practice and building a high service quality system.

Household contents storage (Storage room)

Integrated management from storage to delivery of household contents for your staff relocation

We provide integrated management of household contents from pickup to storage and delivery.
We carefully store your items in our warehouse, which is temperature/humidity controlled according to the characteristics of your property.

Storage Services

Administrative support

Facilitating domestic and international transfers according to your needs

We will deal directly with your employees who are relocating to reduce the burden of your administrative work, based on your company's internal regulations for domestic and overseas relocation. If necessary, we will hold a briefing session on overseas relocation to support a smooth move.

Domestic and International Moves
Total Office Relocation Service
Office Relocation
海外引越 取り扱い実績国(一例)
Countries handled for overseas relocation (examples)

Taking on the challenge of business that goes beyond logistics on the global stage

Taking on the challenge of business that goes beyond logistics on the global stage