Consumer Goods Industry

From warehouse inventory management to distribution processing and automated product transport, we support the distribution of a wide variety of consumer goods

As demand for EC accelerates, we have accumulated expertise with mechanization. Being equipped with AGVs*1 and material handling systems*2 such as box sealing machines, we are ready to respond to fluctuating product volumes.
At "W11*3", the largest EC event in China, where the equivalent of Japan's annual EC transaction volume is said to be distributed, we handled the shipment of approximately 7 million orders in 10 days. Please contact us if you have any problems with everyday consumer goods.

*1 AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) is a robot that takes the place of humans in on-site conveyance operations.
*2 Material handling is an approach to improve the efficiency of moving/transporting all goods, from raw materials and work-in-process to finished products, at production and distribution bases to minimize the amount of time and effort required.
*3 W11 is an EC event comparable to the Christmas shopping spree in terms of gift-giving, said to have originated as an event for single people initiated by college students in the 1990s. Orders and shipments are dozens of times higher than normal, therefore, extra staffing is needed to accommodate this.

VMI-compliant WMS functions

Providing WMS functions linked to manufacturers' production plans

Based on the production plan from the manufacturer, we use WMS to simulate "when", "what", and "how much" of supplies and raw materials will be required. By providing the results to material suppliers, they can determine appropriate inventory and formulate delivery plans.

By sharing production plans among manufacturers, suppliers, and us, inventory optimization is always realized.

In addition, our offices (warehouses) are located adjacent to four manufacturers' production bases nationwide, and we respond to JIT deliveries every hour, 24 times a day (24 hours), in accordance with the manufacturers' production. We provide the ability to optimize not only warehouse inventory, but also supply and raw material inventory within the manufacturer's plant.

Warehouse Operations and Distribution Processing Services

Providing the "Added Value" to Storage and Cargo Handling - Providing Various Types of Distribution Processing Services -

We offer basic warehousing and storage services as well as distribution processing services to meet the various needs of our customers.

Among these are inspections based on customer standards, meter reading using handheld readers and X-ray inspection devices, foreign matter checks, tagging, barcode sticker application, repair and sewing, pressing, packing, set assembly, and more. We add value to your products and provide reliable service to our customers.

Automated product transport within the premises and more efficient picking

AGVs and PPS "reduce manpower", workload, and errors

AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) are robots that take the place of human workers in on-site conveyance operations, and AGVs automatically transport product shelves to workstations.
The AGV can set its location by affixing a QR code to the floor, so there is no need for extensive installation costs, and the vehicle's route can be freely designed.
AGV picks items according to the information projected by the PPS (Projection Picking System) on the shelves, and in addition to the frontage display, information such as the number of items and product information can be displayed in an easy-to-understand manner for the operator.
The PPS is also equipped with a fail-safe function, leading to improved picking accuracy.

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)
AGV area

Taking on the challenge of business that goes beyond logistics on the global stage

Taking on the challenge of business that goes beyond logistics on the global stage