CSR and Compliance

Message from the CEO on CSR

From the Great East Japan Earthquake to the Global Crisis of COVID-19: The Mission of Logistics in Japan and Overseas

It has been ten years since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
During that time, ITOCHU LOGISTICS, as the core logistics company of the ITOCHU Group, has embodied a variety of initiatives that leverage the strengths of a trading company.
Looking back, the Great East Japan Earthquake made us deeply aware of how indispensable logistics is to society and to people's lives, and since then, we have been doing our utmost to meet the expectations of local communities and customers through the field expertise we have cultivated over the years and our ability to respond promptly and flexibly.
A decade later, I am proud to say that even in the current global crisis of COVID-19, all of our employees have been able to operate without halting on-site operations while taking the utmost precautions to prevent infection, because we are aware of our mission in logistics.
We consider automobiles, consumer goods, food, and pharmaceuticals to be our four priority fields, and continue to expand our contribution to fields with greater social impact, both domestically and internationally, with our extensive network and services.
ITOCHU LOGISTICS' management philosophy is to "contribute to society through logistics and achieve a high level of satisfaction for our stakeholders".No matter what the social environment may be, we will fulfill our logistics mission in Japan and overseas, keeping in mind that the foundation of our corporate growth lies in the "trust of our stakeholders".

Environmental Initiatives

ITOCHU LOGISTICS promotes "environmentally friendly" logistics initiatives. Through the effective use of limited resources, reduction of industrial waste, carbon emissions reduction through the introduction of solar power generators at our offices across Japan, water conservation, and adherence to compliance, we are striving to achieve "coexistence with society".

Working with Our Customers for Another 10 Years

ITOCHU LOGISTICS was established in Osaka in 1961 and will celebrate its 60th year in July 2021. The world has changed dramatically over the years, but we will continue to be an essential worker and fulfill our social mission through logistics, and will continue to move forward together with our customers over the next decade.


Hiroshi Oka, President & CEO
Jun.25, 2024