Integrated trading & logistics business for China

Providing Total Support from Production to Sales

ITOCHU LOGISTICS ties up with manufacturers and conducts activities based on a market-oriented approach.
We develop products that meet the consumers' needs, provide a cooperative system to cover overall trading operations, and offer full support from production to sales.
We help you bring the products you want to sell to the countries you want to sell them to.

Riding the New Retail Trend

Integrated trading & logistics that captures the changing needs and tastes of consumers

■In cooperation and partnership with major new retail chains (pharmacies and supermarkets) in China, we are responsible for procurement, supply, and overall distribution of Japanese merchandise (food products, cosmetics, daily necessities) for the Chinese market.

By leveraging our network of Japanese suppliers in each category, we propose products that meet consumer needs and preferences, and support new consumption, distribution, and cross-border e-commerce trends through digital transformation.

*New Retail refers to the digital transformation of the retail industry to provide a new consumer experience that integrates online and offline. Examples include China's Hema Supermarket (Hema Xiansheng).

Products handled include; cosmetics (hair and skin care), oral care, daily necessities, and food products

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