We are actively involved in the SDGs and 2024 issues

We are actively working on SDGs and 2024 Issues as well as logistics services

Approaches to the SDGs and the 2024 Issue

Establishing relay points for long-distance transportation and switching drivers, while reducing our environmental impact by incorporating ocean transportation in some sections

As one of the initiatives to reduce truck driver working hours, which will be highlighted by the 2024 Issue*1, we conducted a pilot test of relay transportation between different shippers using swap-body containers*2. This is an initiative to reduce the driving distance and working hours per driver by using swap-body containers for long-distance transportation and establishing relay points where drivers can take turns in a relay system. We are working on its practical application as one of the solutions to the 2024 Issue.

As an "environmentally conscious" logistics initiative, we operate trunk line services using domestic vessels and ferries. In our daily domestic transportation between Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, we are building an environmentally friendly logistics network that reduces CO2 emissions by incorporating ocean transportation in some sections in addition to truck transportation.


*1 The 2024 Issue refers to the 960-hour overtime limit that will be set for the trucking industry as of April 1, 2024.

*2 Swap-body containers are a system that separates the truck body from the cargo bed and performs cargo handling operations in the idle time, thereby reducing labor hours such as wasted time waiting for cargo, improving logistics productivity, and promoting work style reform.

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