Container and Break Bulk Vessel Transportation

Speedy response, consistent support with abundant experience. More than 30 years of experience with various means of transportation

In negotiations with overseas customers, we want to respond quickly to ever-changing market conditions.
In response to such requests, we offer proposal-based sales to realize quick response, competitive conditions, and safe transportation.
We offer a variety of transportation modes, including containerships, RORO*1, break bulk vessels, air transportation, and (end-to-end) Multimodal transportation, mainly from Japan to Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America, Central and South America, Africa, and Oceania.
Our greatest strength is our attentive service that knows what you really need. We have been steadily engaged in sales activities and have made reliable operational arrangements ahead of time so as not to lose credibility. As a result, we now receive transportation orders from many shippers.
We will continue to strive for competitive transportation and comfortable arrangements for our customers, and we will continue to make proposals that capture the current trends and improve our services so that we can contribute to the expansion of their businesses.

*1 A RORO (Roll-on Roll-off) vessel is a vessel that transports entire trucks or chassis (cargo beds) loaded with cargo. At the departure port, the trailer is boarded, the cargo-laden chassis is detached and placed on the ship, and only the trailer head disembarks. At the arrival port, only the trailer head is boarded, and the chassis is connected to the trailer head for disembarkation and land transportation.

Container transport

Extensive experience in transporting containerships of various steel types, also handling urgent air transportation

We are engaged in container ship transportation of various steel products. We handle cargoes with transportation restrictions, such as coils and long pipes, based on our long-accumulated transportation experience and knowledge. We offer the highest quality transportation while taking on the challenge of being the most cost effective.


=What we offer=
We provide (end-to-end) Multimodal transportation services from the customer-nominated point of loading to the destination country (DOOR).
Domestic land transportation, vanning (loading into containers), export customs clearance, ocean transportation, import customs clearance, storage, devanning (unloading from containers), and land transportation in the destination country

We can of course handle partial arrangements of the above. Since we have been transporting semiconductors by air, we also have a long history of emergency air transportation of steel products. We can promptly respond to large single heavy coils, etc., with emphasis on safety management and cost effectiveness.

=What we handle=

Tin Coil & Sheet、HRC (Hot Rolled Coil)、CRC (Cold Rolled Coil), Semi-finished steel ( Billet & Slab), Plate, Wire Rod,

Round Bar, Line Pipe, Tube ( OCTG ),  Automotive Steel products, Electrical Steel Sheet in Coil, Specialty Steel, Rail, Structural Steel, non-prime steel, etc

Break Bulk Vessel Transportation

We offer custom-made solutions for the safe operation of break bulk vessel transportation, utilizing our knowledge in ship chartering

There will always be something to worry about: cost, on-time arrival of the shipping vessel, problem-free loading methods, safe transportation methods, and more.

We have recently started providing transportation services for break bulk vessels. Based on our expertise in the steel products and ship chartering business, we have established a system that can cover both adjacent and remote routes by utilizing Dry bulk vessels*1 and multi-purpose vessels.

Based on the realization of safe operation, we offer reasonable freight rates promptly and make custom-made proposals to ensure your successful business.


*1 "Dry bulk carrier" A vessel that transports a variety of resources such as iron ore, coal, grain, salt, aluminum ingot, and copper ore as they are, without being packed. The term is used to distinguish it from tankers that transport oil, LNG, and other liquids.

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