Transportation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

ITOCHU Sensitive Freight Service*1

The most important factor in the transportation of precision equipment, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, is "to fully understand the characteristics of the product and to provide high quality transportation at all times"
We strictly manage and arrange the safety of cargo in all phases of transportation, from receiving cargo in Japan, packing, domestic transportation, loading onto aircraft, to local delivery.
With our established SOP*2 based on more than 20 years of experience, we optimize the semiconductor supply chain according to the characteristics of each product.

*1 A service based on technology and experience that safely and reliably transports state-of-the-art precision equipment that cannot tolerate environmental fluctuations such as vibration, temperature, and humidity
*2 Abbreviation of Standard Operating Procedure. A set of detailed instructions describing work and procedural steps to be taken to maintain uniform quality in operations

Multimodal transportation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to the U.S.

Multimodal transportation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which is sensitive to vibration and requires temperature and humidity control

We have provided (end-to-end) multimodal transportation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to the United States.

The product was a "Stepper (exposure device)*1 ," which is considered to be one of the most difficult to be transported among semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The equipment is sensitive to vibration and requires temperature and humidity control.

To manage the transportation, we witnessed the shipment at Narita Airport, transported the equipment by air from Narita to Los Angeles Airport, then delivered it to the U.S. destination where we witnessed the unpacking. At each handover point, Japanese staff members attended and confirmed that there was no abnormality in the cargo according to the established checklist.

We provided high quality and reliable transportation in a timely manner to our customer.


*1 Ultra-high-precision circuit exposure systems for manufacturing highly integrated semiconductor components such as CPUs, GPUs, and SoCs, which are used in a wide range of applications from servers and PCs to smartphones. The width of the most advanced circuits is extremely fine, at several nanometers, and the steppers that play a central role in the manufacturing of these circuits are exceedingly expensive, costing several billions of yen. One of the most complex and precise devices currently manufactured on earth

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