Storage, Cargo Handling, and Shipping Services

Providing one-stop logistics services from customs clearance to storage and delivery

With 42 bases in Japan, we cater for storage and delivery services throughout the country. We have extensive experience in distribution processing operations. Services such as picking by store, assorting and inspection operations are also available. The bonded warehouses are owned in-house to support import/export operations. We offer integrated logistics services from customs clearance to storage, inventory management, cargo handling, delivery, and store distribution.

Port + Multi-functional Warehouse

Favorable Location ~Warehouse with Port + Multi-function~

Located in the heart of a logistics hub with multiple warehouses, this 5-story warehouse with a floor area of 10,000 m2 is situated in the hinterland of the Oi Container Wharf, which handles 60% of the foreign cargo in Tokyo Bay.

The warehouse excels in handling import/export cargo, and with the JR Cargo Terminal, Tokyo Bay Highway, Metropolitan Expressway Route 1, and Loop Road No. 7 running nearby, it has a complete road network connecting not only to the city center but also to other regions, making it ideal as a domestic distribution base.

The warehouse is equipped not only with distribution processing functions but also with bonded functions, registered with the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), designated for animal quarantine, and temperature-controlled space, making it a port warehouse capable of handling all types of cargo.

It also encompasses urban warehousing functions with a logistics strategy to manage and optimize the entire distribution center, taking into consideration the distribution process and the suppliers, customers, 3PL providers involved.


Integrated logistics services from receipt of goods to customs clearance and shipment

Providing logistics services utilizing a bonded storage license and export packing services

Warehouses with bonded storage facilities*1 enable us to provide consistent logistics services from the receipt of domestic cargo to the shipment of international cargo that has cleared customs for export.

We also provide distribution processing services such as export packing to meet customer needs between receiving and shipping.

By eliminating the need for customers to manage their own inventory, we can significantly reduce transportation costs and time required to move cargo, thereby reducing costs associated with export customs clearance.


*1 A location approved by the customs director as a place where international cargo can be placed. Bonded means that the collection of customs duties is temporarily withheld

Warehouse Operations and Distribution Processing Services

Providing the "Added Value" to Storage and Cargo Handling - Providing Various Types of Distribution Processing Services -

We offer basic warehousing and storage services as well as distribution processing services to meet the various needs of our customers.

Among these are inspections based on customer standards, meter reading using handheld readers and X-ray inspection devices, foreign matter checks, tagging, barcode sticker application, repair and sewing, pressing, packing, set assembly, and more. We add value to your products and provide reliable service to our customers.

IC Tag (RFID) Reading Management Service

Efficient management of corporate customers' reusable uniforms with IC tags

We have seven tunnel gates dedicated to reading IC tags, and undertake the logistics management of reusable uniforms for corporate customers.

The tags are read when uniforms are being received/discharged from, and returned to the warehouse, or when they are being reused. Each uniform is linked to its individual number, including the employee's name, organization, distribution date, and size, to ensure traceability throughout the uniform lending period. In addition, by managing uniforms with tags, it prevents them from being lost such as sold at online auctions, thus strengthening the security of users' uniform management.

Automatically identifying the type and quantity of items simply by passing through the tunnel gate prevents operational errors and provides logistics services with a high degree of accuracy.

IC chip
IC chip
IC chips placed inside uniforms
IC chips placed inside uniforms

Document Storage Service

Speedy document management operation using a document management system and in-house delivery service

As the volume of information grows, the number of documents that must be stored increases each year, requiring more efficient and thorough document management than ever before, including increased storage space and management costs, as well as the risk of information leaks.

In addition to paper-based documents, we have introduced a document management system for electronic data storage, such as electronic contracts, and to improve the security of storage space. This system enables us to collect and deliver documents, inventory status, and dispose of them centrally on a single computer to improve customer satisfaction.

In addition, we have a warehouse in the central Tokyo (23 wards district) and use in-house delivery services to ensure prompt (same-day delivery within metropolitan Tokyo) and safe document delivery.


Storage and supply of frozen products to convenience stores

A behind-the-scenes player - supplying frozen products to over 1,960 convenience stores every day -

We have a wide range of food-related experience, including center operations for major convenience stores and mass retailers, and delivery of drinking water and frozen foods. Especially for frozen products, we receive ice cream, frozen foods, and food sold in a hot display case next to the cash register from various manufacturers in our freezer warehouse, and sort and ship them based on shipping orders received from each convenience store every morning.

We perform detailed sorting of about 400 items in a limited time to avoid delays in delivery to stores by implementing mechanization (DPS: Digital Picking System) and achieve stable supply under thorough time management.

Arterial transport in 3 temperature zones

Kanto ↔ Hokkaido arterial transport in 3 temperature zones & center functions

We are responsible for arterial transport from Kanto to Hokkaido, distribution processing, and store delivery. After disembarking from ferries, the goods go directly to through centers in 3 temperature zones for immediate sorting, and we make full use of approximately 1,300 trailers per year to achieve short lead times covering the entire Hokkaido region.

At the same time, we are also involved in arterial transport from Hokkaido to Kanto and Kansai, and our strength lies in our logistics knowledge that takes into account snowfall and other regional characteristics.

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