Logistics Center Development and Provision

From land selection to "Build to Suit" warehouse construction, we build optimal logistics centers

We build optimal logistics centers that meet the characteristics and needs of our customers. We not only make proposals based on our own properties, but also select land in accordance with the customer's requirements, construct a BTS (Build To Suit)*1 warehouse, introduce material handling systems*2 at the new location, develop WMS*3, operate the warehouse, and provide a delivery network tailored to each customer.

*1 A method of developing and operating large-scale logistics facilities. A tailor-made facility in which logistics facilities are designed, constructed, and operated in accordance with the shipper's requirements.
*2 A handling method involving the movement of all raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods within a production or logistics base. Initiatives that aim to minimize the time and effort required to move/transport goods.
*3 WMS (Warehouse management system) is a series of systems to organize warehouse or distribution center operations and ensure that the facilities are operated efficiently to achieve their objectives.

Tsukuba Pharmaceutical Distribution Center

Tsukuba Pharmaceutical Distribution Center - Preparing for Future Logistics by Complying with QMS Ministerial Ordinance

The Center opened in May 2022 as a BTS joint distribution center tailored to the needs of Client A. Within the center, we undertake manufacturing operations for distribution processing under the manufacturing business of Client A, and provide logistics services in compliance with the QMS Ministerial Ordinance*1. For another Client B, we acquired a pharmaceutical manufacturing business under ITOCHU LOGISTICS and perform manufacturing operations. The facility is fully equipped with refrigerators and freezers, as well as an emergency power generator (maximum 72-hour supply) that can be activated in the event of a power outage.


*1 The QMS Ministerial Ordinance is a ministerial ordinance related to "manufacturing control and quality control standards" that manufacturers and distributors are required to comply with, and is one of the standards for the approval and certification of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products.

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