Information sharing and warehousing functions to maintain optimal inventory levels at all times and ensure a stable supply to customers

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is vendor-driven inventory management; VMI allows the vendors to replenish inventory while monitoring production status (for manufacturers) and sales (for retailers) on the procurement and purchases.
The WMS*1 function provides current and past inventory results in a timely manner. We further provide manufacturers and material suppliers with optimal inventory volume information (i.e., no excess inventory) by simulating inventory based on the amount required for future production.
The WMS also accepts material delivery instructions (shipping instructions) from manufacturers 24 hours a day, serving as a management tool for just-in-time (JIT)*2 deliveries. By sharing necessary information with manufacturers and material suppliers via WMS, we realize logistics optimization for all parties involved.

*1 WMS (Warehouse management system) is a series of systems to organize warehouse or distribution center operations and ensure that the facilities are operated efficiently and achieve their objectives.
*2 Initiatives to minimize excess inventory by planning and delivering materials based on the assumption that what, when, and how much will be needed at any given time.

VMI-compliant WMS functions

Providing WMS functions linked to manufacturers' production plans

Based on the production plan from the manufacturer, we use WMS to simulate "when", "what", and "how much" of supplies and raw materials will be required. By providing the results to material suppliers, they can determine appropriate inventory and formulate delivery plans.

By sharing production plans among manufacturers, suppliers, and us, inventory optimization is always realized.

In addition, our offices (warehouses) are located adjacent to four manufacturers' production bases nationwide, and we respond to JIT deliveries every hour, 24 times a day (24 hours), in accordance with the manufacturers' production. We provide the ability to optimize not only warehouse inventory, but also supply and raw material inventory within the manufacturer's plant.

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